Chairman Gonzalo turned on his Spooky Head


‘‘As a materialist I know that life will end some day. What is most important to me is to be an optimist, with the conviction that others will continue the work to which I am committed, and will carry it forward until they reach our final goal, communism. Because the fear that I could have is that no one would carry on, but that fear disappears when one has faith in the masses. I think that the worst fear, in the end, is not to have faith in the masses, to believe that you’re indispensable, the centre of the world. I think that’s the worst fear and if you are forged by the Party, in proletarian ideology, in Maoism mainly, you understand that the masses are the makers of history, that the Party makes revolution, that the advance of history is certain, that revolution is the main trend, and then your fear vanishes. What remains is the satisfaction of contributing together with others to laying the foundation so that someday communism may shine and illuminate the entire Earth.“ — Chairman Gonzalo


The quotation by Chairman Gonzalo is filled with ‘‘Holy Missionarism’’ with ‘‘Christian gospels’’ and with ‘‘faith’’ in the masses, in the same manner a Christian has faith in the word. The Fear that Gonzalo has, is that no one would carry on his ‘‘labors’’ after his death, yet this ‘‘fear’’ of his is nothing but a spook, he fears what doesn’t yet ‘‘exist’’ — what hasn’t yet materialized in reality, he fears an ‘‘idealist fear’’ — something which only exists within the uncertainties of his mind, something that exists only in his mind. Gonzalo dispels fear in a messianic fashion, like ‘‘Christ’’ who dispelled the fear of mortality through his promises of the Kingdom of God for the meek and just. Gonzalo dispels the fear of not having faith in the masses, through his ideology itself, as a gospel. This quotation alone proves Gonzalo’s ‘‘Hero-Saving Messiah Complex’’ — he wants other people to ‘‘continue his work’’ — he wants other people to sacrifice their lives in contribution to his ‘‘Memory’’- he wants other people, to make his ‘‘Memory’’ a sort of ‘‘mission’’ — a ‘‘Higher calling’’ — which for us egoists is nothing but a ‘‘spook’’. He wants communism to shine and illuminate the world like some sort of ‘‘enlightenment’’. The Egoist has the opposite fears, while Gonzalo fears not having faith in the masses, the Egoist fears the metaphysical and idealist nature of ‘‘faith’’ itself, while Gonzalo makes the mission of communism something that is ‘‘sacred and Holy’’ — the Egoists dispels all that is made sacred. The Egoist inverts Chairman Gonzalo’s words and we make an antithesis of them.


‘‘I will dissolve myself till the day I die. I fear ‘‘construction’’ — I fear sacred and holy missions, I fear that other people might read this work and make their lives a mission to uncover my memory after I die. This fear disappears because I have lost faith in humanity. I think the worst fear is to have absolute faith in the masses, to believe you’re dispensable, a mere drop in an ocean of waters. I think that’s the worst fear and if you dissolve yourself into nothing, you understand that you yourself are an entire world’s history, you are the entire ocean, nothing matters to you except yourself. That the individuals make insurrection is certain, that the advance of history into dissolving itself is certain, that the most unique trend is egoism and in your own uniqueness is certain and thus your fear vanishes. What remains is the satisfaction of your ownness and uniqueness, to lay the bombs at the pillars of social order, so that someday egoism will darken and obscure the world.’’ — Alexander Hope.



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