Much of the east and I should also perhaps included post-colonial countries, such as african countries and south american countries are still developing countries that some might consider them third world countries. Since capitalism in these countries is still developing at a different rate from the first world, this also means that capitalism hasn't yet reacted against unionism. When it comes to class struggle, both the proletariat and the bourgeois come up with new means of struggling, if the workers learn how to unionize the bourgeois will try to stop them by imposing restrictions. In the east, I've seen many examples of syndicalism and unionism in India for example, about 9.18 million workers have a membership and are protected by unions. There is also a study by Paul Marginson in 2017, that has noted that while union membership has decreased in the west, in third world and developing countries, union membership has icnreased. While the west is quickly developing automation technology, the east still lacks behind, unionism will vanish in the west before the east. Therefore developing countries have a window of opportunity to utilize unions while it is still possible during this century. In the next century, it might be quite possible, that we would have entered into the automation age. That is why it is important that anarchist focus on both platformism and unionism, because if we focus solely on syndicalism, anarchism as an ideology might be lost in the next century and the only available ideology would be marxism-leninism. Many syndicalist organizations have formed themselves in the east, contrary to the west, the unions keep on weakening.



I am a platformist anarcho-communist, a writer and student of political philosophy, specifically on anarchism.

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